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Unit 1 Auxiliary 2018-2019 President~ Mary Rothermel

Dear Ladies of Unit One:

2018 was a year which presented many, many challenges for all of us.  Several of us experienced issues which affected us personally.  Others have been impacted by their loved ones who also suffer from various issues.  Our Unit is blessed by so many women who have stepped forward and shared their time and talents to make sure that our projects were completed.  The expectations for all of these projects were far exceeded because of our members combined efforts in making sure they were successful.  Perhaps this is why we are called “Unit One”.  It takes all of us to join in and work together to accomplish our goals.  We have, we will and we will continue to do so with God’s help and blessing.  2019 is virtually here.  We will face some of our old challenges and you can be sure there will be new ones as well.  Let us continue to love and support each other as God has ordained us to do.  Remember it is just as easy to smile as it is to frown, to say something nice in lieu of a cutting remark, to spread goodwill instead of pettiness.  Every member is important, is needed and is wanted.  Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.  I remind myself to follow my own advice as I am most accountable as your President.  Pray for each other and our Unit.


Wishing you a blessed New Year “all year long”,

Mary Rothermel

For God and Country


Membership Renewal Notice

DUES INCREASE FOR 2019-$25 AS OF 7/1/18

Did you know? You Can Now Renew Your Membership Online – Quick, Easy, Secure!  

It’s time to renew your American Legion Auxiliary membership for the 2017 membership year.  Remember now you can pay your dues online!  

How?  Simply go to the national website www.ALAforVeterans.org.  On the homepage, log-in to the “Members Section”. (You’ll need to create your free log-in if you haven’t already done so, and it only takes a few seconds).  Then, once you login click “Pay Dues” under your welcome message. You’ll then be prompted how to pay your renewal dues online.  It’s easy, secure, and only takes a couple minutes. And did you also know? NEW members can now join the Auxiliary online!

Our country needs the American Legion Auxiliary, and only because of YOU can we continue our mission outreach to our military, veterans, and their families.

Together, we can make a difference in every neighborhood across the USA. Thank you for your continued membership.



This year many of our ladies were more busy than usual with the Legislative agenda because of the Mid-Term Elections. There were 7 Units that sponsored Town Hall Meetings with their area US Representative. Three Districts had more than one Unit who held meetings with their Area’s Representative.
 A number of Units held mock elections at area high schools. Several had local election officials on hand with registration and voting information. This is an idea that is being utilized more.
 We encourage our members to be involved with our National Senators and Representatives. Those who live in towns near the regional offices of these officials are developing better working relationships with their Representatives and Senators. Both Senators have offices in at least five (5) cities statewide and Representatives have multiple offices in their individual Districts. At The District Conferences I do push for more members to get involved in Legislative work.
 I have received few reports at this time-which is normal. I will hear verbal reports and know more after our Mid-Winter Conference. I attended five (5) Fall District Conferences and a number of regular monthly Unit meetings.     
 I have been to meetings at all three state VA hospitals this past fall and from what I have heard-will attend at least one meeting at the hospitals in Shreveport and Alexandria this coming spring and two meetings at the new large New Orleans facility.

  May God Bless Our Veterans     
    and All Those Who Serve 

Connie Jackson

State Legislative Chairman



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